Yun Nans

“Brand Identity and Website design for Yun Nans (云海肴).”

Yun Nans Logo

Yun Nans is renowned for its elegant fusion of modern and traditional Chinese highland cuisine. The letters “IN” are accentuated in the wordmark to represent the brand’s mission: Indulge in fine food, Inspire by the art and culture, Incredible culinary skill.

As part of its brand identity, the Chinese word (Yun) is seamlessly interwoven into the logo as a testament to the origin of the brand 云海肴 from 云南 (Yunnan).

“The wordmark and the brand motif were inspired by Yunnan’s highlands and panoramic rice terraces.”

“The brand story is brought to life with an illustrative website that celebrates the beauty of the Yunnan highlands and inspires users to discover more about Yunnan’s cuisine.”

Yun Hai Yao

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