The Future of Us Appreciation Gift

Packaging design for Singapore’s Golden Jubilee (SG50)’s exhibition ‘The Future of Us’ appreciation day.

Custom Structural Packaging

‘The Future of Us’ appreciation package consists of a photo album, a distinguished metal lattice piece, and a 3D printed flash drive. Each item is carefully crafted to express our gratitude to our client for their faith and support.

“The distinctive architectural exterior of the exhibition becomes the graphic pattern that covers the packaging.”

A Box of Exceptional Memory

All items are concealed in a magnet-sealed box, constructed from a grey board debossed with the unique brand motif inspired by the architectural exterior of the exhibition. The metal lattice becomes a token of remembrance, a piece of the exhibition for our guest to bring home.

The appreciation package consists of a photo album with a debossed white cover that adds a touch of elegance. Inside, every page documents the making of ‘The Future of Us’, with photos dedicated to each individual.

“A token of memory for your unwavering support and faith.”

Ministry of National Development

Book Design, Packaging