Sustainable Singapore Gallery

“Art direction and exhibition graphics for Sustainable Singapore Gallery at Marina Barrage.”

“Mixed media “phygital” interactive about climate change and Singapore’s Climate Action Plan.”

Zone A: Red Dot

At the first zone dubbed as the Red Dot, a combination of interactive exhibits and bite-sized infographics are used to illustrate climate change and its impact on a small but densely populated Singapore. The Climate Action Plan is the focal point of the space featuring interactive stations and light boxes to engage visitors.

Zone B: From the First Drop

This zone describes Singapore’s journey from a water-scarce nation to self-sufficiency and sustainable water management via a series of infographics and interactive exhibits. These various display formats highlight the breadth and depth of the topic. Bite-sized water-saving tips are presented on the wall mural.

Zone C: A First World Oasis

The abundant flora and fauna of the city, as well as its picturesque waterways, serve as the backdrop for this zone, which is meant to reflect Singapore’s reputation as a City in a Garden. The design colour scheme was also inspired by nature to create an immersive environment.

Zone D: City of the Future

Different exhibit methods, such as tactile displays, large illustrated light boxes and digital interactive content, are used to engage visitors in learning more about how Singapore is becoming a smart, vibrant, and sustainable city of the future.

Zone E: The Journey to Zero

The story of Singapore’s efforts to become a Zero Waste Nation is a thematic showcase featuring an installation of everyday items on the floor, along with infographics and digital content conveying the importance of zero-waste.

Zone F: Future Tense

The last zone presents visitors with a question and a moment to think about what they have learned and discovered in the previous zones. This zone’s focal point is a comprehensive infographic about Singapore’s 2030 sustainability goal. This wall serves as a final reminder that in order to achieve a Sustainable Singapore, everyone must work together. Last but not least, the art installation encourages visitors to “take action” for a sustainable nation.

Public Utilities Board / PUB

Pico, Zarch

Art Direction, Exhibition Graphics, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Wayfinding, Environmental Graphics