“Brand identity and packaging design for a skincare brand that believes in a pure, healthy and happy complexion with a simple yet effective routine.”

Our Concept and Inspiration

It all started with seven super fruits, which are the base formula for the skincare products. For each customer who is struggling with every possible skin issue, the skincare brand wants to create a completely personalized experience. These super fruits become the inspiration for the brand identity. The graphic icons are based on these super fruits which correspond to the common skin problems. We believe that both products and packaging design should be eye-catching and informative yet functional. We designed a distinctive encasing mechanism that embodies the personality of the skincare brand.

“Fresh, young, light-hearted with its soft yet vibrant colour palette, this brand stands to inspire confident and positive women.”

“A memorable unboxing experience with hidden message and surprises made for the unique individual.”

“Fun and quirky taglines with bold visuals for maximum impact.”

Ikeda Group

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