Harmony in Diversity Gallery

“Visual language and graphic design for the Harmony in Diversity Gallery, which showcases Singapore’s rich religious diversity.”

Travel back in time

The timeline of racial riots and significant events in Singapore illustrated with a striking editorial layout.

“A scenario-based game was one of the exhibits in the gallery where visitors are encouraged to consider the part they can play in maintaining Singapore’s harmony. It was designed as part of the common spaces in Singapore, where Singaporeans of all races and creeds interact.”

“A clever trick eye mural is one of the exhibits in the Harmony in Diversity Gallery. It features a local coffeeshop, which is an important common space to demonstrate the fact that Singaporeans of different races and faiths can meet and share a meal.”

Ministry of Home Affairs

Pico, Gallagher & Associates Asia

Art Direction, Branding, Exhibition Graphics, Illustration, Marketing Collateral, Environmental Graphics