Eunoia Junior College

“Brand identity for Eunoia Junior College that provides forward-looking education.”

Eunoia JC Crest

A crest is more than a beautiful symbol. It tells the story of a school, about how it came to be, its distinctive qualities and most importantly, its vision, mission and values. It’s been an amazing experience collaborating with such a great college team to bring the college crest alive. The college crest can be understood by three qualities, or simply A-B-C : All-round Development, Beautiful Thinking and Cultural Conversance.


All-round Development
The circular shape of the crest signifies the holistic development of Eunoians. This roundedness is complemented by the geometry of the college wordmark and typeface.

Beautiful Thinking
The design of the crest is inspired by the neural networks of the human brain, and signifies beautiful thinking.

Cultural Conversance
The design represents the college’s name Eunoia, an English word, with an Asian theme. Eunoians are able to thrive in diverse cultural settings, while remaining rooted to their own culture.

“We designed a crest with prominent visual impact, making it memorable and versatile to work across a variety of media and applications.”

“Dynamic, energetic and vigorous, we created a contemporary emblem for Eunoia Junior College.”

Ministry of Education