DSO Gallery

“Exhibition graphics for a gallery based on the history and heritage of DSO National Laboratories.”

“Our curatorial approach for the gallery space focuses on forward-thinking ideas and tech-driven solutions.”

A Gallery for Cutting-edge Innovations

This is a gallery designed to showcase DSO National Laboratories’ mission in defence research and development (R&D), and to showcase the cutting-edge innovations for Singapore’s national security.

A Space Within Space

We conceptualised and developed an exhibit display framework that incorporates interactive, multi-media and artefacts in the gallery so that different types of content can be presented effectively. The use of lighting and glass partitions also become a form of exhibit installation within the gallery.

“The depth and breadth of the content takes shape through effective space-planning and innovative exhibitory methods.”

“We created a set of motion graphics that is projected onto the gallery façade which creates a sense of anticipation for the visitors about to enter the modernistic gallery.”



Art Direction, Branding, Exhibition Graphics, Digital Design, Motion Graphics

Defence Technology