“Brand identity and exhibition graphics for Archigallery – an exhibition about the buildings’ origin of National Gallery Singapore.”

“We developed multisensory display strategies that would accommodate a variety of content and to inspire artistic exploration.”

Listening to Architecture:
The Gallery’s Histories and Transformations

Listening to Architecture traces the journey of the City Hall and former Supreme Court buildings, from the origins of their sites to their dramatic transformation into National Gallery Singapore. Themselves works of art, these iconic monuments are steeped in culture and history. They bore witness to many defining moments in Singapore’s journey to nationhood and beyond, before undergoing an ambitious ten-year renovation process that united them as a home for Southeast Asian art. Spanning two galleries and a walkway, this exhibition is an invitation to consider the evolving architecture of these buildings as a conversation between different generations that develops over time.

Spatial and Narrative

We worked closely with the gallery’s curators and developed graphics to support the curatorial approach. As the exhibition spans across two wings on the 4th floor, we created a visual framework – a timeline corridor to present a singular narrative.

“We studied the content and organized them into bite-sized info, creating
an intuitive experience.”

“Through modern and contemporary graphic language across the space and collaterals, we developed a timeless design with effective typographic treatments.”

National Art Gallery Singapore


Art Direction, Branding, Exhibition Graphics, Marketing Collateral

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