Anderson Serangoon Junior College

“Brand identity for Anderson Serangoon Junior College, which is made up of two colleges with a rich heritage of over 60 years.”

When Flame meets Flower Bud

The college crest derives its inspiration from the common ‘flame’ element in Anderson and Serangoon Junior Colleges’ crests and a flower bud that is ready to bloom.

The flame is made up of the initials of the college, “ASR.” The continued use of the flame element represents both colleges’ history and heritage. The flame also symbolises truth, light and hope, which captures the college’s intent to develop justice-oriented and service-oriented students who are enlightened and in service of others. The flower bud symbolises youth and vitality and signifies the college as a place that nurtures leaders for the nation.

“We designed a crest with a strong visual presence, making it memorable and adaptable.”

“Application of the brand identity across various materials.”

Ministry of Education