88.3Jia, Power98, Music & Drama

“Dynamic brand identity for performing arts troupe and radio stations.”

Harmoniously Lifted

Three of the subsidiary entertainment arms under So Drama Entertainment! embarked on a brand refresh for a simpler and versatile image while remaining true to its mission. The refreshed logo sports a precise 9 ° tilt for maximum legibility and energy.

We Are Visual Creatures

An extensive colour palette is curated to match the different moods of the brand message. Given the nature of the business, the refreshed branding strategy would allow the logos to be highly versatile and adaptive across a diverse colour palette to reach their target audience.

“The logos can now be applied in a diverse palette to best complement each adaptation, and becomes an intrinsic part of the design.”

“The overall brand imagery reflects the brand positioning: lifestyle, community and human-centered.”

“The graphic design evokes the brand’s upbeat, energetic and fun personality and it is reflected in the brand collaterals.”

soDrama! Entertainment

Branding, Brand Architecture