Kong is a multi-disciplinary design studio that explores and refines creative possibilities in branding, space, and digital.

Since 2010, Kong Studio has been an evolving group of creative minds based in the multicultural Singapore. They take a multi-disciplinary design approach through pragmatic realization of concept-driven and human-centered ideas. They believe that innovative design should always create an emotional connection between people.

Kong Studio excels through integrating branding and spatial design, their works range across physical build, printed matters and digital engagement. They seek to maintain the optimal coherence between design and dynamic, technology and tactility, craft and creation.

Emptiness is the ‘possibility yet to be filled’.

空 (pronounced as Kong) in Mandarin is emptiness. Kong Studio takes emptiness as its core philosophy in their creation. For them, emptiness is the prestige control of breathing space in their design. Besides, it is the core attitude towards their approach in design as there is always a space for improvement and refinement.


Digital Experience
Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Environmental Graphic
Theme Park Marquee
Data Visualization
Motion Graphics
& Others to Be Explored


A’Design Award & Competition 2018
Muse Design Award 2019, Gold
IF Design Award 2020
Idea Interior Design Excellence Awards 2020, Bronze
Singapore Good Design 2021
International Property Awards 2021
IDA Design Awards 2021, Honorable Mention


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